RTC Specializes in the origination of coffee and other products that are in the interest of our clients and partners. Pepper, sesame, soy, flour are other products in our portfolio that we can originate. Our objective as a company is to offer our portfolio of products with the utmost confidence, quality and at the most cost-beneficial value to our partners relieving them of the preoccupation of origination so they can focus on generating more revenue for their company. Being in the heart of the coffee commercialization and export in Brazil makes it that much easier to source and develop cost-beneficial strategies and new business for coffee. While being located in Varginha, Minas Gerais RTC is not far off from other sources. Black Pepper from the state of Espirito Santo, Sesame seeds from Goias, all within range of our company to supply.


When acquiring products from Brazil we understand the importance of streamlining your business with your stock and keeping your company at ease with management. At RTC we make the effort to be as efficient and economical as possible. We cover everything from production from the vendors, intermediaries, logistical services, in-house stock and shipped out stock, new business strategies and the information systems needed to direct and mold your business each year. At RTC we have the knowhow and the best practices to walk with your company hand-in-hand.


Our mission is to be recognized as the cornerstone for international trading and with our work, business development and meticulous attention to detail we also aid our partners to achieve new heights for their business. We offer services to business inside and outside of Brazil as an EMC (Export Management Company) or an ETC (Export Trading Company) in an attempt to expand our horizons. We also offer consulting to our clients, vendors, partners and everyone inbetween in a mutual benefit to grow their business and our own together. We have the necessary experience and know-how in the internal market and external market.


Spot pricing and market fundamentals
Futures market negotiation
Youtube marketing, content, vlogs about the current state of the market and others.
Pre-shipment samples, quality control and cupping
Domestic and international supply chain logistics management