Thomas is a New York born international business and administration graduate. A natural born entrepreneur since he was young he was fascinated by working with people around the world and networking but didn’t understand how. In 2009 his family moved to Brazil where his dad had some investments  in the coffee industry owning a farm and exporting. While in college, Thomas grew a passion for coffee while working with his father and also worked volunteering in multiple brokers and exporting offices in Varginha, Minas Gerais where he currently lives. In 5 years of working with his father and others Thomas learned how to cup and grade coffee professionally, manage and direct coffee exports from the farms directly to the ports all over the world. Thomas also speaks 3 languages daily, English, Portuguese and Arabic being able to communicate with everyone on a professional level for negotiation and the execution of business. With at least 5 years of coffee under his belt he decent to open Raad Coffee Traders at the end of 2015. Raad Coffee Traders was your one stop shop as a an importer to Brazilian coffee. At RCT Thomas and his team worked relentlessly to represent clients all over the world in the internal and external market. This meaning RCT doesn’t simply offer coffee’s FOB prices. RCT offers Exworks, FOB, CNF, CIF any way the clients want it and assumes all the responsibility in the supply chain to help create and develop no business strategies for his clients. In 2 years of Brazilian coffee trading clients were satisfied with Thomas’s work that they had developed more trust and confidence in the company and decided to quote Thomas other products for them instead of just Brazilian coffee. Thomas now has a portfolio of Colombian coffee, black pepper, Sesame seeds, flour and soy. With the new portfolio of products offered, in 2018 Raad Coffee Traders evolved into what is now known as Raad Trading Company. RTC has a mission to be recognized as the cornerstone of soft commodities and spices export all around the world. Today RTC manages over a Million dollars in products monthly to its clients worldwide