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Raad Trading is the cornerstone for buyers from around the world sourcing soft commodities, spices and other products in Brazil.

Business Management

The company constitutes of deep and precise know-how to create, develop and execute management and export process of products that your company is buying from Brazil.


RTC specializes with a wide range of products, spices and commodities including coffee from Brazil, Colombia and Vietnam, soybeans, black pepper, sesame, Indian cloves and others.


As RTC works to help your company grow, we follow the needs of each customer and we develop a mutual growth of sustainability for our suppliers and buyers.


Raad Trading has a difference making role in the international market while being based in Brazil. Founded off of a passion for coffee, export and soft commodities, 2 generations of coffee lovers like father like son decided to invest in being a difference maker in the everchanging international market. RTC are service partners in all aspects of the trading spectrum, sourcing the quality each and every client needs and specially catering to their international supply chain management, International logistics supervision while understanding and portraying market fundamentals at a transparent level. We are your one stop shop for products in Brazil. We promise inspiration, integrity and commitment to all our partners around the world.
Our mission is to be recognized as the cornerstone of international soft commodities trading through confidence, trust, innovation, communication, social media along with the development and implementation of new business strategies with partners from all over the world.


Raad trading’s bread and butter, it’s inhouse specialty is coffee. Since its inception, Raad Trading was built upon offering all types of quality coffee from specialty to commercial grade fine and good cup coffees all over the world and has been attending its clients with the utmost importance guaranteeing satisfaction with our work. Raad trading is not limited to only Brazilian coffee, we have partners and clients in Colombia that we also offer a selection of Colombian supremos and excelcos for our clients.
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Black Pepper
Black Pepper is the fruit of the black pepper plant from the Piperaceae family and is used as both a spice and a medicine. Black Pepper is one of the most widely traded spices in the world. It is not considered a seasonal plant and is therefore available throughout the year. At Raad trading we have already originated and have access year-round to the finest Brazilian black pepper and have it ready for sale and consumption.
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Sesame Seeds
From the plains of the Brazilian state of Goias and Mato Grosso, Raad Trading has its hands on special sesame seeds from these regions. Brazil doesn’t produce as much quantity as it does coffee and black pepper, however RTC has fine sources of producers of quality and beautiful sesame seeds to export.
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Rua do Comércio de Café 77A, Parque Reinaldo Foresti, Varginha - MG, Brazil